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Quick WINSday: 30 enhancements rolling out now!

AUTHOR: The Binti Team

Every few months, the Binti Engineering team designates a "Quick WINSday" and focuses their efforts into high-impact tasks that can be accomplished within a single day.

Last Wednesday, the team successfully completed 30 tasks aimed at refining the user interface, improving data management and display, as well as enhancing documentation and record keeping features. These updates will roll out to all Binti users this week and next.

We will highlight a few of our favorite enhancements below. We also encourage you to visit our Release Notes Hub to learn about all of the improvements in detail as they are released. If you have any questions or want additional information, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

User Interface

Easier to understand background check information on the Caregiver Applications dashboard
Release Date: 10/05/23

In the past, you may have seen "0/?" in the background checks column of the Caregiver Applications dashboard and wondered what it meant. We have replaced this with clearer messaging that describes the necessary action to calculate a total number of required background checks.

Documentation & Record Keeping

Record date of birth for applicants and co-applicants
Release Date: 10/05/23

We now allow agency workers to record a crucial piece of information: the date of birth for applicants and co-applicants. This information will auto-populate to caregiver and agency forms, saving time in data entry. Additionally, we have included this data point in our API, which ensures that the information remains consistent across your systems.

Data Management & Display

Family Tags in the Placements module
Release Date: 09/27/23

At the beginning of this year, we introduced Family Tags, enabling agencies to assign customized labels to caregivers. Since then, you have been using this feature to categorize families based on various criteria such as their location, participation in programs, specific characteristics, and more. We are thrilled to let you know that these tags are now accessible within the Placements module, and you can utilize them to on the Placements Options and View Matching Families pages.

Clickable Time to Approval Report
Release Date: 09/27/23

We have made an exciting improvement to our most popular report, Time to Approval. Now, every dot on the plot graph is interactive, allowing you to click on it. When you click on a dot, it will take you directly to the Applicant Data page for the respective caregiver. This enhancement is designed to streamline the process of uncovering applications with approval times that deviate from the usual or expected timeframe, making it quicker and more straightforward for you.

See which filters you have applied to the Caregiver Applications dashboard
Release Date: 10/05/23

We provide many robust filters on the Caregivers Applications dashboard that enable you to organize your data. Now, when you apply select filters, we will indicate the criteria you have chosen to filter by. This enhancement is aimed at making it simpler for you to understand precisely what you are viewing.

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